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Specifying a Traceroute IP Address (CTP Menu)


This topic describes how to specify an IP address and get a traceroute to that address.

To get a traceroute to an IP address by using the CTP Menu:

  1. From the Main Menu, select 5) Node Operations.
  2. Select 6) Traceroute IP address.
  3. Specify the options as described in Table 10

    Table 10: Options for Traceroute

    FieldFunctionYour Action

    Enter IP address for traceroute

    Specify the IP address of the host.

    Enter an IP address.

    Enter max hops

    Specify a value for maximum hops in the range 1-40. The default value is 10.

    Enter the maximum number of hops.

    Enter packet size

    Specify a value for packet size in the range 38-65535. The default value is 38.

    Enter the packet size.