High Security Return Material Authorization and Non-Return Service Datasheet

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Service Overview

High-Security Return Material Authorization and Non-Return Service provides Juniper customers with peace of mind knowing they can maintain control of components that contain sensitive information during RMA and non- return service. Juniper mitigates potential business and IT risk by ensuring that customer data is protected. This service is available with two options, and both simplify data security procedures and processes, providing companies with the control they need at all times.


Service Description

As the leading provider of high-performance secure networks and services, Juniper Networks® High-Security Return Material Authorization and Non-Return Service addresses the needs of government organizations by enabling them to retain removable non-volatile memory components instead of returning them. Customers can take advantage of two options: High-Security RMA and High-Security Non- Return Service (NR).


Service Features and Benefits

Table 1. Service Deliverables—Features and Benefits
Option 1: High Security RMACustomer can remove removable non-volatile memory.Enables customer control and protects sensitive information.
Option 2: High-Security Non-ReturnCustomer will receive a replacement device and not be required to return the defective device to Juniper.Maintains confidentiality of proprietary and highly sensitive data.


Ordering Information

The High-Security RMA and Non-Return Service has a minimum annual term of twelve (12) months. The High-Security RMA Service has a minimum requirement of Juniper Care Return-to-Factory support contract while the High-Security Non-Return Service has a minimum requirement of a Juniper Care advanced hardware replacement support contract. A certificate of destruction must be provided to Juniper for the High-Security Non-Return option. As a prerequisite, customers must have Juniper® Care Services, which provides the foundational base required to enable High-Security RMA and High-Security Non-Return. The High-Security Return Material Authorization and Non-Return NR Service is available globally. For details, please contact your local Juniper partner, Juniper Sales Representative, or your assigned Juniper Services Business Manager.


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