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Find insights and perspective with the Get Smart video series.

Against the backdrop of rapidly evolving network technologies, you need a way to understand the choices and steer your enterprise business in the right direction.

Our forward-looking Get Smart video series brings together network experts from Juniper, Apstra, Cumulus Networks, Dell, Google, and VMware. Moderating the discussion will be leaders from AvidThink, Caliber Home Loans, Enterprise Strategy Group, LinkedIn, and PacketPushers.

Join us as we cut through the hype with the innovators who shape the networking industry.


Network Disaggregation: More Than Just Hardware and Software

The notion of modularizing monolithic systems is neither new nor confined to hardware and software. In this video, we explore vendor designs for disaggregation, support for integration and underlying hardware changes, likely targets for modularization and what it will take to unlock them, as well as the big network disruptors on the horizon. Hear from JR Rivers (Cumulus Networks), AE Natarajan (Juniper), and Keith Shinn (Caliber Home Loans).

Learn more about our take on disaggregation.


The Future of Network Architectures and the Self-Driving NetworkTM

Enterprise network architectures are being reshaped using tenets popularized by the major cloud properties. How will the emergence of cloud, edge cloud, and multicloud shape networks? We explore this evolution and look at the ways that real-time streaming telemetry, machine learning, and artificial intelligence affect how networks are designed and operated. Speakers include Gavin Cato (Dell EMC), Kireeti Kompella (Juniper), and Russ White (LinkedIn).

Learn more about where network architectures are headed.


The State of Packet Forwarding

Two types of silicon have traditionally fueled packet forwarding: custom and merchant. Does the networking industry need more silicon diversity in an open ecosystem of standard languages and APIs? In this discussion, we explore how forwarding abstractions such as P4 impact the chip ecosystem and how network software needs to change to accommodate a richer set of silicon options. Speakers include Lakshmi Sharma (Google Cloud), Nitin Kumar (Juniper), and Roy Chua (AvidThink).

Learn more about the state of packet forwarding.


Network Control in the Multicloud Era

The rise of orchestration, led by SDN, has expanded the software stack to include capabilities above the devices. In a multicloud-ready environment, software must support diverse, multidomain environments. Tooling and processes need to evolve from imperative to declarative. Explore these and other emerging requirements for network control. Speakers include Sasha Ratkovic (Apstra), Joshua George (Juniper), and Ethan Banks (Packet Pushers).

Learn more about network control and multicloud.


The Evolution of Network Programmability

As SDN deployments proliferate, the need for greater network programmability is mounting. We discuss the changing face of network software and the role of programmable networks in enterprise cloud and multicloud architectures, today and in the future. What steps can people and organizations take to start their transformation? Speakers include Bruce Davie (VMware), Bikash Koley (Juniper), and Bob Laliberte (Enterprise Strategy Group).

Learn more about our outlook on network programmability.

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