Better wireless access to education in South Africa.

At Parklands College, students are using social media, data sharing, and video streaming, for both learning and recreation, creating huge demand on the network. The college’s new Juniper solution for wireless access and switching gives students access to a fast network with greater device support and improved reliability.


Company Parklands College
Industry Education
Region EMEA
Parklands College Image
"Outstanding wireless connectivity is critical to our learning programme, and that’s exactly what Juniper has provided."
Michael Swart Enterprise Architect, Parklands College

Parklands College was established to provide excellence in education for students from South Africa. Today, its goal is to provide state-of-the-art Information and Communications Technology (ICT) resources that differentiate it from other schools and colleges, even at an international level.

Business Challenge

The new network needed to support access for the increased numbers of students and devices, as well as provide a reliable and secure platform to run additional IP-based services such as VoIP telephony, CCTV, and biometric systems to track student attendance and control physical access.

Business Solution

Although local systems integrator, CCI, could offer equipment from Parklands’ incumbent provider, it instead recommended an end-to-end Juniper solution that gave the college equivalent connectivity but with greater control and manageability, all at a lower cost.

Business Results

As a result Parklands is a leader in the integration of technology into teaching and learning. It hosts regular visits from other schools that are looking to increase the effectiveness of their learning programs by implementing best-practice ICT systems.

"If we started the project over again, we’d do exactly the same thing. It’s perfect. It works and it runs with little maintenance required beyond monitoring. Now we have ubiquitous, stable, transparent connectivity that has made our 1:1 learning programme really successful."
Richard Knaggs Parklands College Director of IT