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Now more than ever, our lives demand fast, reliable Internet. Whether it’s for an important video call, a collaborative project with schoolmates, or watching a movie, people expect great digital experiences every time. OptiComm is enabling those digital experiences. As Australia’s second-largest builder and operator of broadband fiber, OptiComm doubled the size of its network to meet the booming opportunity to bring fast, reliable connectivity to homes and businesses across the nation.


Company OptiComm
Industry Telecommunications
Products used MX480MX204QFX5110EX4300SRX300Junos OS
Region APAC
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Customer Success At-a-glance


Hotels, apartments, retirement homes, malls, and commercial buildings connected


Network size while creating a high-performing, automated, reliable core infrastructure


Greater access to new customers, better reach, and better ROI due to network upgrade



A robust, scalable network is at the heart of OptiComm’s business plan to connect new housing estates, apartments, commercial buildings, retail stores, and more to its growing network which currently has 124,000 lots.

“With the growth of our retail ISP customers and our expansion across Australia, we found that our core network infrastructure needed to be upgraded,” says Stephen Davies, CTO of OptiComm. “In particular, we wanted to facilitate more 1 Gbps services as well as smart cities services.”

“We needed a partner that could support us in our journey toward doubling OptiComm’s core network, while providing state-of-the-art speed and security,” Davies says. “Juniper Networks has a strong reputation for building simple and reliable networks, so it was a natural fit.”

“With higher bandwidth requirements coming from our retail service provider customers, we needed a platform that could deal with the raw bandwidth of the aggregated traffic, and scale with our business from an economic and technical perspective,” says Ben Liew, chief network officer at OptiComm. “Juniper stood out on top in its ability to meet our requirements.”

OptiComm Challenge


OptiComm chose Juniper Networks MX480 Universal Routing Platform as its new core network to enable the delivery of residential and advanced business services. The MX Series platform delivers the programmability, reliability, performance, and scalability OptiComm needed today and in the future.

Juniper Networks MX204 Universal Routing Platform provides efficient aggregation of more than 86,000 service connections. An ultra-high density, compact router, the MX204 has enabled OptiComm to economically support the growing demand for 1 Gbps services.

“Given the growth we’re seeing from our retail service providers, we will need to bring 40 Gbps and 100 Gbps capacity online next,” Liew says. “Juniper enables us to easily meet our requirements to scale economically.”

In its data centers and service delivery points, OptiComm uses Juniper Networks QFX5100 Switches for the spine of the IP fabric and Juniper Networks EX4600 or EX4300 Ethernet Switches for the leaf nodes. Juniper Networks SRX300 Services Gateway securely connects customer premises.

OptiComm Solution


The Juniper relationship is just beginning at OptiComm, but it is off to a strong start. “Our Juniper account management team are exceptional,” Liew says. “They are very supportive and provided any assistance we needed to get the migration and deployment completed and across the line.”

“We had a diverse set of stakeholders from engineers to field techs who do the physical work of the upgrades,” Liew says. “We worked with Juniper to develop a tailored training regime based on our areas of interest. The training was exceptional in terms of content, knowledge, and depth.”

A robust, scalable Juniper network is at the core of OptiComm’s growth strategy and competitive differentiation.

“With the Juniper platform, we can play in a larger market and provide a product and feature set equivalent to larger network operators,” Liew says.

A state-of-the-art broadband fiber network is core to winning new business, and the company cited having a Juniper network as a key factor in winning the business to deliver connectivity to Nicheliving, a major property developer in Perth.

“We see an opportunity in smart city services and the Juniper platform allows us to meet complex technical requirements with greater flexibility,” Liew says.

OptiComm Outcome
Stephen Davies, CTO, OptiComm
"We needed a partner that could support us in our journey toward doubling OptiComm’s core network, while providing state-of-the-art speed and security. Juniper Networks has a strong reputation for building simple and reliable networks, so it was a natural fit."
Stephen Davies CTO, OptiComm

Published October 2020