Ireland’s Marine Institute Tackles Security on Land and Sea

The Marine Institute must protect vast amounts of environmental data that it collects from vessels, remote sensors, and a new undersea observatory.

As Ireland’s national agency responsible for marine research, technology development, and innovation, The Marine Institute collects environmental data both above and below the water. It makes massive amounts of information available to marine biologists, researchers, and companies that want to commercialize marine technologies.


Company The Marine Institute
Industry Research
Products used SRX1500Advanced Threat PreventionSecurity Director
Region EMEA
"Previous solutions left us constrained by the technology, but the Juniper solution has allowed us to achieve our goals successfully."
Keith Manson IT Systems and Operations Manager, The Marine Institute

Business Challenge

The Marine Institute recently extended its Internet of Things (IoT) to a subsea observatory. The agency realized that it now had a mix of security requirements, ranging from applying different security policies to various user groups to protecting valuable environmental data that could prove competitive to certain parties.

Technology Solution

The agency worked with Agile Networks, a Juniper partner in Ireland, to design and deploy a solution comprising SRX1500 Services Gateways managed by Junos Space Security Director. Juniper Sky Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP) provides real-time monitoring of Internet traffic so that the institute can identify and stop threats before they can do any damage.

Business Results

The institute now dynamically grants appropriate data access to users and proactively identifies cyber threats across its diverse environment. The Juniper security solution lets it confidently promote the development of the marine industry and address issues ranging from the health of the food chain to levels of marine species stocks.

"We've been able to ensure the security of our network, users, and devices wherever they are—even under the ocean."
Keith Manson IT Systems and Operations Manager, The Marine Institute