Groupon Uses Network Automation to Manage Growth and Simplify Operations

In 15 countries and more than 500 markets worldwide, with nearly 50 million active customers, Groupon needed to simplify the infrastructure that powers it all.


Company Groupon
Industry SaaS Services
Products used Junos OS
Region Americas

Groupon quickly evolved from a “deal of the day” company to a thriving marketplace where you can find virtually anything to buy, see and do in your local neighborhood. Hear Alejandro Salinas from Global Network Operations discuss how Juniper helped them scale to meet customer needs while keeping costs down with network automation. (1:56)

"The management and automation capabilities of Juniper act as a multiplier of the network team, allowing us to scale while keeping costs down."
Alejandro Salinas Head of Network Operations, Groupon

Business Challenge

Groupon’s vast and mobile online marketplace connects people with amazing savings on things to do, see, eat, and buy from local merchants. The web services provider has seen explosive growth and increasing demands from customers. With a lean network team, Groupon aimed to satisfy customer demands, streamline operations, and ensure its infrastructure could scale with continued growth.

Flexibility Enables Global Scale

Groupon achieved its objectives through network automation. The network team relies on the open programmability of Junos OS to scale across 1800 devices and 4 time zones. To make quality and timelines more predictable, Groupon uses simple, mostly open-source protocols and programs such as Python, GitHub, and NETCONF, all supported by Junos OS.

Business Results

Groupon’s investment in network automation has paid off. In addition to improved scalability and lower operating costs, Groupon’s small network team has:

  • Reduced provisioning time by 80 percent.
  • Dramatically reduced configuration errors.
  • Reduced firewall management resources by 85%.
  • Reduced operational friction through APIs and self-service system for network operations.