Archdiocese of Brisbane Cares for the Community’s Most Vulnerable

In the modern era, doing good work requires great Wi-Fi. The Archdiocese of Brisbane tends to the most vulnerable people in South East Queensland, Australia as well as the spiritual lives of 714,000 parishioners. Through its nonprofit agency Centacare, the Archdiocese provides supportive homes for people with disabilities, support services for seniors, domestic and family services, and childcare. 


Company Archdiocese of Brisbane
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Region APAC
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300 sites

deployed Wi-Fi taking less than 10 minutes


reduced wireless trouble tickets


Wi-Fi access for guests and IoT devices


team to manage a large distributed network



In an effort to modernize wireless and wired networking at hundreds of group homes, childcare facilities, and offices, Centacare discovered the Mist Wireless LAN Platform when it was exploring new campus switching. “Mist and Juniper are a completely different experience compared to the network we had before,” says Iain Teo, who manages ICT operations for Archdiocese of Brisbane and Centacare.

“As a small team, we needed products that would assist us from easy implementations to troubleshooting issues,” Teo says. “Juniper and Mist fit into our requirements very well.”

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The Mist Cloud provides full programmability via open APIs, which have allowed Teo and his team to radically accelerate deployment to hundreds of locations. Mist access points were shipped to the locations in advance, then the ICT team configured them centrally from the Mist Cloud. “We used the Mist API to automatically configure the network in 300 buildings in about an hour,” Teo says. “The longest wait was for the courier to pick up the access points and deliver them to the sites.” Using the Mist dashboard, the team can set, monitor, and enforce service-level expectations for wireless performance metrics such as throughput, capacity, roaming, and uptime.

Streamlined network management is acutely important for an organization that serves communities over a 77,000-square kilometer area. Juniper Sky Enterprise makes it simple to deploy and manage EX Series switches at offices. Zero-touch provisioning speeds deployment and eliminates the need for onsite technical expertise. “With Juniper Sky Enterprise, we can deploy switches easily, and they all have standardized configurations and credentials,” Teo says. “We deployed a new switch to a site the other day, and it took an hour.”

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With cloud network management, the network is always up to date. “In the past, updating the firmware on our switches was a job that never got finished,” Teo says. “Sky Enterprise gives us a centralized portal to manage all of our switches. Deployments and updates happen in minutes, not days.”

With fast, reliable networking, the Archdiocese and Centacare can focus on what matters most: supporting the most vulnerable and building a stronger community for everyone to thrive.

Archdiocese of Brisbane Outcome
"With Mist, we saved about 60 percent of the service desk’s time in identifying and resolving wireless issues."
Iain Teo ICT Operations Manager, Archdiocese of Brisbane and Centacare
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