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WAN Assurance Plugin 3.5 Release Notes

Release 3.5.2

Release Date: Sep 06, 2022

Resolved Issues

  • WAN-1238 Report missing FPM metrics:

    Resolution: Update the mist-agent telemetry configuration to not filter FPM metrics so they can be reported to the cloud.

Release 3.5.1

Release Date: Aug 03, 2022

Resolved Issues

  • I95-47351 Conductor with a large number of assets would take a long time to apply WAN Assurance Plugin state:

    Resolution: The WAN Assurance plugin uses plugin data files instead of pillar to synchronize data and apply plugin state to speed up the process.

Release 3.5.0

Release Date: Jul 20, 2022

New Features

  • I95-45678 Report the TCP round trip time metric

For TCP sessions the SSR collects metrics on TCP round-trip time which are reported via application summary to the MIST cloud.

  • WAN-903 Improve the reporting for the release workflow

When a device is released from the MIST portal, the show mist details command provides additional context around the status, registration code being used, and other information to assist in re-onboarding the device.

  • PLUGIN-1768 Add configuration commit warnings for expired registration code

The authority > mist-wan-assurance > registration-code is used for onboarding new routers and has an expiration of one year. A warning is now displayed when using an expired code. The show mist details commands also displays the expiration date for the configured token.

  • WAN-720 Support Greenfield and Whitebox devices for MIST onboarding

Support for onboarding and conductor redirection for Juniper branded devices as well as other Whiteboxes was introduced.


After upgrade the device will stop reporting the TCP reset metrics for SSR version 5.6.0 and lower since those metrics were reporting higher than normal error counts.