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128T Installer 2.7 Release Notes

Release 2.7.0

New Features and Improvements

  • Support for 128T version 5.1

Resolved Issues

  • IN-320 createrepo fails when upgrading: The installer now uses unique temporary directories to hold temporary repodata instead of the default.

  • IN-385 Retry Query Operations: Added the ability to perform multiple retry operations when querying remote repositories during the installation process.


  • IN-343 - The installation process may incorrectly identify a failed download.

  • IN-375: When deploying in AWS, verify that the latest AWS CLI is being used.

  • IN-381: If tmux has been installed on the system by another application, the version 2.7 Installer will have a conflict.
    • If the tmux package is already present on a system, perform yum remove tmux. Then use yum install 128T-installer to install the new installer. Be careful to only remove tmux; removing anything other than tmux may result in 128T operational or installation issues.

  • IN-398: An active tmux session/server process prevents install128t from running, and displays the following error:

       Failed to create install128t session
    No tmux session with name install128t found

    The following message may be logged in /var/log/install128t/tmux_wrapper.log : protocol version mismatch (client 8, server 7).

    Corrective Action: Terminate all active tmux sessions/server processes and perform the installation/upgrade operation again.

  • I95-39793 Conductor fails to self-upgrade: This issue affects only 4.5.6-1 systems performing conductor self-upgrade with Installer version 2.7.0 (or later). Released versions of 128T prior or after 4.5.6-1 are not affected.

The following error is displayed:

/usr/bin/nice: /usr/lib/128T-installer/install128t.par: No such file or directory
Failed to upgrade 128T!

The recommended course of action is to perform a manual interactive upgrade of the conductor. Please refer to Upgrading Using the Interactive Installer for that process.