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Installer 2.3 Release Notes

Release 2.3.2

Issues Fixed

  • IN-83 - Installer does not retry on DNF -13 error code

  • IN-155 - Roll back operations performed when system cannot roll back

  • IN-170 - The Installer may fail to download all packages required for a system update if empty rpms are present in local repo

  • IN-171 - asset detail view may show "Attempt 1/3: Stopped SSR service" for a long time

Release 2.3.1

Issues Fixed

  • IN-164 DNF subsystem fails during SSR Software upgrade and DNF repository cache refresh.

Release 2.3.0

Issues Fixed

  • IN-150 SSR Upgrade terminates with "Unhandled exception: OSError"

  • IN-154 Installer rollback does not work offline


  • IN-126 - Installation does not fully complete but returns Success Symptom: When performing an upgrade, the installer will complete however not all packages will be updated.

    Cause: The router node could not resolve the SSR software repository

    Corrective Action: When performing the upgrade ensure internet or Conductor access (where Conducted hosted services are enabled)

  • IN-141 - Unsupported installed rpms result in Canceled upgrade Symptom: GUI presents a failure on upgrade with the following text provided:

    Error: transaction check vs depsolve:


    Cancelling upgrade of the second node on the router due to failure on this node: Failed to install 128T-manifest-0:
    Error: transaction check vs depsolve:
    iptables = 1.4.21-28.el7 is needed by iptables-services-1.4.21-28.el7.x86_64

    To diagnose the problem, try running: rpm -Va --nofiles --nodigest. If this is a corrupted RPMDB, running rpm --rebuilddb may address the issue.

    Cause: Installed version of the RPM's come from a later version of the Supported SSR OS version.

    Corrective Action: For the offending RPM that comes from a different version of the OS than is installed and running, perform either operation:

    1. Remove the offending rpm (in the example above "iptables-services-1.4.21-28.el7.x86_64" would be removed
    2. Setup a new repo pointing to the support SSR-OS vault version and downgrade the related rpms
  • IN-157 - Installer fails with DNF -11 SIGSEGV failure

    Symptom: Install fails with the following error: "Error executing DNF command (code: -11)"

    Cause: DNF uses the curl functions, in earlier versions of SSR-OS the curl libraries may exhibit this issue.

    Corrective Action: If SSR 4.1.0 or greater is installed this is not an issue. If upgrading from a previous version and using the Conductor, the Conductor will perform retries to work around this issue. If using the local installer for installation, re-execute the installer to work around this issue.