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SSR Common Criteria Installation and User Guide

This guide provides installation and configuration information for using SSR Conductors and Routers in a certified Common Criteria environment. The following platforms are supported for Common Criteria certification:

Supported Software version:

  • Version 6.2.3-14-R2
  • Release Date: December 15, 2023

Supported Hardware (must have Software Version 6.2.3-14-R2 installed):

  • SSR 120
  • SSR 130
  • SSR 1200
  • SSR 1300
  • SSR 1400
  • SSR 1500

Revision History

This Common Criteria document is maintained separately from the SSR documentation. All revisions to this documentation set are recorded below.

Document RevisionModificationDate
1.0Initial version for 6.2.3-R2-14 Common CriteriaMarch 22, 2024