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Username and Password Policies

Username and password requirements are listed below. For a list of the commands and how they are used to configure and enforce requirements, please refer to configure authority password-policy.

Password Requirements

The SSR password policies have been updated to provide a more secure experience. When creating passwords and password policies for users, the following parameters are enforced.

  1. Password must contain 1 capital, 1 lower case, 1 number and 1 special character.
  2. Password must be at least 9 characters.
  3. Minimum password length is configurable (greater than 9).
  4. When a password is changed, characters must be changed in at least eight of the positions within the password.
  5. The minimum password lifetime is 24 hours/1 day.
  6. There is a 60-day maximum password lifetime restriction.
  7. Password reuse is prohibited for a minimum of five generations.
  8. A temporary password for system logons is allowed, with an immediate change to a permanent password.
  9. The default admin password must be changed to strong password on first use.
  10. The maximum failed login attempts are configurable, with a default of 6.
  11. User lock time (time the user must wait before attempting login after reaching the max failed attempts) is configurable. The default is 1800 seconds.

Username Requirements

  1. Usernames may contain only lower and upper case letters, digits, underscores _, or dashes -.
  2. They can end with a dollar sign $.
  3. Dashes - are not allowed at the beginning of the username.
  4. Fully numeric usernames and usernames beginning with . are not recommended.
  5. Usernames may only be up to 32 characters long.
  6. The . character is allowed within a username: firstname.lastname.