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Showing ARP Table Information

This topic describes how to show Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) table information for a device. ARP table information is collected from the selected device when this task runs. You can search for ARP table records.

Procedure for Showing ARP Table Information

To show ARP table information for a device:

  1. Click Monitor in the Network Director banner.
  2. Select the device in the View pane that you want to monitor.
  3. Select Tasks > Show ARP Table in the Task pane.

    The Show ARP Table Information window opens. For information about this window, click the Help button in the title bar of the window or see Table 1. You can click the Refresh button below the table to refresh the data from the device.

Show ARP Table Information Window

The Show ARP Table Information Window shows information from the selected device’s ARP table.

Table 1: Show ARP Table Information Window

Control or Column


Search controls

Search for ARP table records. Enter search text in the text box. The table of ARP records displays only matching records. Click the X button to clear the search and display all records.

MAC Address

MAC address.

IP Address

IP address.

Interface Name

Interface name.

Expiring in (sec)

Number of seconds until the record expires from the ARP table.