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Configuring Outdoor Areas

You can associate an outdoor area to a site or a building for wired network and upload an image or map of that area. After you designate an outdoor area, you can edit or view the map using the Edit Outdoor Area task.

This topic describes:

How to Configure an Outdoor Area

To create an outdoor area without using the wizard:

  • Ensure you are in Build mode and Location view. Click Build in the Network Director banner to enter Build mode; select Location View from the list in the View pane.

  • Click Add Outdoor Area in the Tasks pane. The Add Outdoor Area page opens.

  • Fill in the name and upload the optional map.

  • Click Done to save the data and to return to the default view.

Configuring an Outdoor Area

Table 1 describes the fields and buttons necessary to create or change an outdoor area.

Table 1: Outdoor Area Fields



Outdoor Area Name

Type the name of the outdoor area. Network Director associates the outdoor area with the building.


Optional step to upload an image of the outdoor area. Use the Upload Map window to navigate to the image file location.


Click to save the configuration. The network tree is updated to reflect the change.


Click to add a map or overlay an existing map of the area.