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Viewing Profiles Assigned to a Device

View Assigned Profile page list all the profiles associated with a selected device or with an object such as ports within that device. To view the profiles assigned to a device, you must have the profiles already assigned to the devices or ports within that device. Only those profiles that are assigned to a specified object will be displayed in the Profiles Assigned to the Device page. In addition to displaying profiles assigned to objects, the Profiles Assigned to Device page also shows link aggregation groups (LAGs) assigned to devices.

The View Assigned Profiles task is available in the Logical, Location, and Device panes for EX Series switches.

You can access the View Assigned Profiles page by selecting the object (device or port) and clicking the View Assigned profiles menu.

You can view the profiles assigned to an EX Series switch . To view the assigned profiles to a particular device:

While in Build mode, select an EX Series switch from the Switching Network cabinet under the View pane and select View Assigned profiles from the Tasks pane.

The Profiles Assigned to the Device page displays a list of profiles that are already assigned to the selected device. The details displayed are described in Table 1.

Table 1: Details of Assigned Profiles to a Device



Profile Type

The type of the profile. The profiles are grouped based on the type of the profile. The profiles that are directly deployed on the device are displayed in the list. For example, Device, VLAN, Portand so on.

Profile Name

Name of the profile that was specified at the time of creating the profile.


The name of the device (EX Series switch) or port.

Object Type

Specifies whether the object is a device (EX Series switch) or a port.


For an EX Series switch, the object type is the device or a port

Assignment State

The status of the profile whether it is deployed or in progress.

  • Deployed—the profile is provisioned to the device

  • Pending deployment—the profile is assigned to the device, but pending provisioning.