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Deploying Software Images

This topic describes how to deploy software images to managed devices. You must upload software images to the Network Director server before you can deploy them to devices. See Managing Software Images for more information.

To start deploying software images:

  1. Click Deploy in the Network Director banner.

  2. Select a node in the View pane that contains the devices on which you want to deploy software images.

  3. In the Tasks pane, select Image Management > Deploy Images to Devices.

    The Select Devices page of the Deploy Images to Devices wizard opens in the main window.

This topic describes:

Specifying Software Deployment Job Options

To specify software deployment job options in the Select Devices page:

  1. In the Job name field, enter a job name.
  2. From the Device and deployment options list, select an option:
    • Select Staging only (Download image to the device) to download the software image to the device but not install it.

    • Select Upgrade only (Install previously staged image on device) to upgrade the device to a software image that was previously staged on the device.

    • Select Staging and Upgrade (Download and Install image on device) to download the software image and install it on the device.

    Devices are not automatically rebooted after upgrade to make the device begin running the new software version. You can select the option to reboot the device automatically after the upgrade in a later wizard page.

  3. Click Next to continue to the next page.

    The Select Images page opens. Select a software image as described in Selecting Software Images To Deploy.

Selecting Software Images To Deploy

The Select Images page includes a table listing each device group and device that you selected for deployment. See Table 1 for a description of the table columns.

If you selected the Upgrade only (Install previously staged image on device) option, only devices that contain a previously staged software image appear in the table. You cannot select a different image to install on these devices.

To select the software images to deploy, perform the following steps on the table row for each device group or individual device that you want to upgrade:

  1. In the Proposed Image Version/Profile column, click Select Image/Profile.

    The Select Image/Profile list is displayed.

  2. From the Select Image/Profile list, select a software image.

    To clear this field, select Select Image/Profile from the list.

  3. After you finish selecting software images, click Next to continue to the next page.

    The Select Options page opens.


    A message notifies you if you do not select a software image for all the listed devices. This is just for your information. No action is taken on devices for which you do not select a software image. In effect, this removes those devices from the job.

    Select options for software deployment as described in Selecting Options for Software Deployment.

Table 1: Select Images for Devices Table Description

Table Column


Device Family

Device family to which the device belongs. Devices are grouped by family. To display the devices within a device family, click the arrow next to the device family name.

For example, all the EX2300 devices are listed under EX2300 device group and all the Junos Fusion fabric devices are listed under Fusion Enterprise group. The Junos Fusion device family, when expanded displays the aggregation devices, satellite devices, and software upgrade groups, if defined.


Number of devices contained within a device family.

IP Address

Device’s IP address.

Device Name

Device’s name.


Device’s state:

  • UP—Network Director can communicate with the device.

  • DOWN—Network Director cannot communicate with the device.

Running Image Version

Software version the device is running.

Proposed Image Version/Profile

Software version that is installed on the device when the job runs successfully.

You can select to upgrade the software image on one or more individual device, device family, aggregation devices, satellite devices, or on a software upgrade group.

Selecting Options for Software Deployment

The options that you can configure in the Select Options page are described in Table 2. The options that are available depend on the job flow you chose in the Select Images page.

After you finish selecting options, click Next to continue to the next page. The Summary page opens. Review the job summary as described in Summary of Software Deployment.

Table 2: Image Management Job Options



Select Options
All Device Types

Delete any existing image before download

Select to delete any existing software images on devices before downloading the new software image.

Reboot device after successful installation

Select to reboot the device after the software image is installed. A reboot is required to begin running the new software version on the device.


This option might get disabled based on your details that you specify in the remaining fields. This indicates that for the options that you specified, the system automatically reboots the device as per the requirement during or after the image upgrade.

Wired Devices

Check compatibility with current configuration

Select to validate the software package or bundle against the current configuration as a prerequisite to adding the software package or bundle.


Select if you want to perform an in-service software upgrade (ISSU) or a nonstop software upgrade (NSSU).

ISSU enables you to upgrade between two different Junos OS releases with minimal disruption on the control plane and with minimal disruption of traffic.

NSSU enables you to upgrade the software running on an EX Series switch with redundant Routing Engines or on most EX Series Virtual Chassis by using a single command and with minimal disruption to network traffic

Archive data (Snapshot)

Select to take an archive snapshot of the files currently used to run the switch and copy them to an external USB storage device connected to the switch.

Copy to alternate slice

Select to copy the new Junos OS image into the alternate root partition. This ensures that the resilient dual-root partitions feature operates correctly.

This option is available only if you select Reboot device after successful installation.

Select Schedule

Stage now

Stage later time

Select Stage now to start staging software images to devices as soon as the job runs.

Select Stage later time to schedule the staging for a later time.

Staging Schedule

If you selected Stage later time, enter the date and time for staging to start.

Upgrade now

Upgrade later time

Select Upgrade now to start upgrading software images on devices as soon as staging finishes.

Select Upgrade later time to schedule the software upgrade for a later time.

Deployment Schedule

If you selected Upgrade later time, enter the date and time for upgrade to start.

If you scheduled staging, you must schedule the upgrade for at least 10 minutes after staging, to ensure that staging completes before upgrade starts.

Summary of Software Deployment

On the Summary page, review the selections you made for the job. To change selections, click Edit in the area that you want to change. You can also click the boxes in the process flowchart above the wizard page to navigate between pages. When you are done making selections, click Finish on the Summary page to save the job, and run it if you configured the job to run immediately.