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Selecting Monitors To Display on the Summary Tab

When you select the My Network node in the View pane, the Summary tab in Monitor mode enables you to select which monitors to display. If you select more than four monitors, a scroll bar appears to allow you to scroll to the additional monitors.

To select monitors to display on the Summary tab:

  1. Click Monitor in the Network Director banner.
  2. Select the My Network node in the View pane (the top node in the tree).
  3. To select which monitors to display on the Summary tab:
    1. Click Select Monitors to Display in the Tasks pane.

      The Select Monitors window opens. The monitors that are already selected to display are listed in the Selected list. The other available monitors are listed in the Available list.

    2. To move a monitor from one list to the other list, click the monitor name, and then click the right or left arrow button, as appropriate.
    3. To change the order in which the selected monitors appear in the tab, select a monitor name and move it in the list using the up and down arrow buttons. The arrow buttons at the top and bottom of the stack of buttons move the selected monitor to the top or bottom of the list, respectively.
    4. Click Save to save your changes, or click Cancel to cancel your changes.
  4. To get information about a monitor, click the Help button in its title bar.