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The Events analytics provides a high level view of the events that occurred over a specific time period within a selected site in your organization.


    • Real-time observation details help you to detect connectivity issues and respond in real-time
    • View granular-level details of each event and quickly identify the problematic areas for further observations.

Before You Begin

  • Refer to Mist Premium Analytics License to know about license requirements for Juniper Mist™ Premium Analytics.

  • Become familiar with the options available on the Juniper Mist Premium Analytics dashboards. See Figure 3.

Access Events Analytics

  1. From the left menu on the Juniper Mist portal, select Analytics >Events.
    The Events dashboard appears.
  2. Use the following options to filter the results:
    • Sites

    • Time period (By default, the dashboard shows Today. You can select the options to display results for previous day, week, previous week or custom time and days.

    • Show or hide resolved events and acknowledged events with respective check boxes.

Events Dashboard

Events page displays a log of a specific site's events for the selected tie period.

Figure 1: Events Events

You can view the following details:

  • Start-Stop—Timestamp of the event’s occurrence.
  • Resolution—Resolution status of the event. (if the event is resolved or not)
  • Acknowledged—Acknowledgment status of the event.
  • Notes—Note for the particular event.
  • Impact—Number of clients impacted by the event.
  • Summary—Brief description of the event.

Click on any of the events to open the detail description of the event in a new page.

Figure 2: View Additional Details for Audit Log View Additional Details for Audit Log
  • Events Summary—View the details of the event with current status and time stamp. Here, you will see the cause of the event.
  • Event Actions—See automatic actions, such as sending e-mails or SMS messages, that Mist performed as a result of this event.
  • Relevant details—See devices that were impacted and access point the device is connected to.
  • Impact Map—View an impact map of the event (if applicable).
  • Contributing Events—Other network and events that are related to occurrence of this event. Click on the contributing event to display additional details (if available)