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Introduction to Juniper Mist Analytics

The Juniper Mist™ Premium Analytics is an advanced, cloud-based analytics service that offers network visibility and business intelligence to drive your digital transformation journey. With this service, you can have insights into your network and business operations. In addition, you can overcome the complex challenges associated with the influx of big data from the multitude of networks and clients.

Why Analytics?

The relentless growth of cloud computing, mobility, and Web-based applications has increased the complexity of network operations. You must continuously monitor and optimize networks to maintain the required customer experience. You can use analytics reports to perform these maintenance tasks. Analytics is a critical necessity for making sense of volumes of data generated from various sources such as network devices, users, flows, and locations in the network. Analytics provides deeper insights into the performance of your network, user experience, and how an organization is using the network.

Analytics involves:
  • Collection of network data

  • Processing of information to identify patterns and trends

  • Visualizing the insights.

Visual insights enable quick identification of network issues, traffic flow details, user behavior patterns, and resource utilization. This facilitates trend prediction, threat mitigation, and in-depth investigations to boost network performance and security.”

Juniper Mist™ Analytics Tools

Juniper Mist™ provides different types of dashboards for analytics. Dashboards provide a consolidated view of data and insights in the form of easy-to-understand visualizations reports. In the dashboards, you see categories of information in the form of tiles. You can get the needed information by clicking a specific panel or customize the information that you see by using different filters. With dashboards, you can easily monitor your network and make data-driven decisions for your organization.

Figure 1 shows types of analytics tools available in Juniper Mist cloud portal.

Figure 1: Analytics Tools in Juniper Mist Analytics Tools in Juniper Mist
  • Premium Analytics (licensed service)—The Mist dashboard includes Premium analytics; an advanced analytics service that provides insights across your entire network – wired, wireless, location, WAN and others such as logs and inventory. Premium Analytics allows you to run reports over data sets at a more granular level, mix and match different datasets, and observe data going back up to 13 months. Premium Analytics is a licensed service.
  • Standard Juniper Mist Analytics—The Mist dashboard comes with built-in network, events, and occupancy analytics reports as part of its standard analytics. The standard analytics provides observability of historical data upto 30 days These analytics dashboards are included by default in the Mist cloud portal, and you don't need license to view these reports.
    • Events—See important resolved and ongoing events on a site.

    • Network Analytics—Get a detailed view of network performance, traffic throughput, and connected device details.

      • Measures—Trends about Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and Domain Name System (DNS) latency, received signal strength indicator, and the level of service-level expectation (SLE) your network achieves
      • Entities—Site's or organization's interaction with access points (APs), applications, servers, and wireless LAN (WLANs), and more
      • Events—AP events, client events, switch events
    • Occupancy Analytics—View overcrowded areas in your sites and there by plan space distribution and utilization.

    • Engagement Analytics—Get in-depth data—dwell time, visit trends, and wait time—about clients connected to a site.

Premium analytics requires a subscription. You'll need to purchase and activate these subscription in order for the options to appear in Juniper Mist portal. See Mist Premium Analytics License.


  • Presents reports about application, traffic, and client behavior.

  • Provides data on historic and average SLE achieved on your network.

  • Provides WAN visibility for link and application quality of experience (QoS).

  • Enables data ingestion from Juniper Networks and third-party network devices (not managed by Juniper Mist™ cloud architecture).

  • Stores and manages historic data.

  • Provides insights on device operating system (OS) and device manufacturers

  • Reports on traffic metrics on the basis of switch interfaces, WAN zones, or a service set identifier (SSID).

  • Insights such as space occupancy, user visits, user dwell times, repeat visits, and location history.

  • Facilitates insights on unique visitor trends with popular motion flows for user journey mapping and proximity tracing.


  • Enhance decision-making—Long-term storage of data helps historical time series analysis of networks, applications, and visitor behavior to enhance business decision-making.

  • Improve resource management—Insights across wired, wireless, and WAN networks help you plan IT infrastructure, manage resources, and improve IT operations.

  • Optimize Space management—Engagement, occupancy analysis, and proximity tracing enable you to optimize the space in your site and manage assets and occupancy.

  • Manage diverse networks—Juniper Mist Premium Analytics applies a full-stack approach to generate comprehensive insights about diverse networks. With this perspective, you can better manage network performance.

  • Improve scalability—By analyzing usage patterns of wireless networks that Juniper Mist Premium analytics provide, you can anticipate trends and adjust to evolving demands, such as a surge in bandwidth requirements or a rise in the number of clients.