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Premium Analytics—Frequently Asked Questions

What is Premium Analytics?

Juniper Mist Premium Analytics is an advanced, cloud-based analytics service that offers end-to-end network observability. You can gain unique networking and location insights based on any combination of Juniper Mist data sets and, optionally, third-party data sets.

Premium Analytics stores data for up to 13 months. This feature extends observability of historical data beyond the 30 days available with the standard Juniper Mist analytics service, enabling users to perform long-term historical time series analyses of network, app, visitor, and employee behavior to enhance business decision-making

What is the difference between analytics features (network, engagement, and occupancy analytics) available by default in the Juniper Mist portal and Premium Analytics?

The Juniper Mist portal comes with built-in network, events, and occupancy analytics reports that are part of Freemium Analytics. These analytics dashboards are included by default in the Juniper Mist portal, and you don't need a license to view these reports.

See Table 1 for the difference between Premium Analytics and standard analytics.

Table 1: Difference in Premium Analytics and Standard Analytics
Features Standard Analytics Premium Analytics
Separate Subscription No. Part of Juniper Mist™ Wireless Assurance Yes. You need a separate subscription license (SUB-PMA)
Data Duration 30 days More than 13 months
Schedule and E-mail No Yes
Report Details Standard reports In-Depth reports with additional datasets, filters, and views)
Third-Party Data Ingestion No Yes

What is the maximum duration for which Premium Analytics can store data?

By default, Premium Analytics stores data up to 13 months. You can request an extension by creating a support ticket in the Juniper Mist portal.

Does Premium Analytics support single sign-on with Juniper Mist credentials?

Premium Analytics does not currently support single sign-on with Juniper Mist credentials.

Can Premium Analytics build reports from the extended historical data immediately after activation?

The Juniper Mist dashboard by default stores historical data for 30 days. When you activate Premium Analytics, the dashboard initially builds reports with data from the last 30 days. Subsequently, the dashboard stores data going back up to 13 months and builds reports with this data.

Can you customize Premium Analytics reports?

The Juniper Mist portal does not support customizing Premium Analytics report structure and the tiles. Premium Analytics includes options to filter a report by date, time, site, devices, interfaces, and wireless LAN (WLAN). These options provide the flexibility to see specific information in a report by following a few simple steps.

Does Premium Analytics support role-based access control (RBAC) to limit specific users from generating reports?

The Juniper Mist portal does not support RBAC. For any specific requests related to RBAC, create a support ticket in the Juniper Mist portal to make a specific request related to RBAC.

How do you integrate third-party data with Premium Analytics reports?

You can integrate third-party data in analytics reports through professional services engagement, as this integration requires development work.

Does Premium Analytics support API?

No, the Juniper Mist portal does not support API. Premium Analytics is a data visualization tool, which uses data from the Juniper Mist cloud to generate reports.

How do you obtain Premium Analytics trial subscriptions?

Refer to Create Support Ticket for Trial Premium Analytics License.

How do you order Premium Analytics subscriptions?

Contact your Juniper account team or partner to obtain a license. For more information, visit:

Table 2: Premium Analytics Subscriptions Package
Package Wireless Assurance Wired Assurance WAN Assurance
Bundle 2S Bundles (Option to choose PMA with assurance)
AI Bundle AI Bundle includes all wireless services including PMA

How do you activate Premium Analytics after purchasing the license?

After you purchase the license, you must activate the Premium Analytics service by creating a support ticket in the Juniper Mist portal.

For more information, refer to Activate Premium Analytics License .

Can Premium Analytics subscriptions be applied to specific sites?

No. You can apply the Premium Analytics subscription to the whole organization.

How do you count the Premium Analytics subscriptions?

Similar to other Juniper Mist subscriptions, you count Premium Analytics against the number of devices including access points (APs), switches, and WAN edge devices.

What are the prerequisites or dependencies for using Premium Analytics?

If you want to view a specific dataset on the Premium Analytics dashboard, you must purchase the corresponding base subscription service. For example, to generate a report on the Premium Analytics dashboard for the wireless network, you require a Juniper Mist™ Wi-Fi Assurance subscription. This subscription feeds the required data to the Premium Analytics service.