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Connecting to ww Junos OS Devices

A device running worldwide Junos OS (ww Junos OS device) cannot initiate a connection with Junos Space Network Management Platform. Junos Space Network Management Platform must initiate the connection to the device. To configure this setting:

  1. On the Junos Space Network Management Platform user interface, select Administration > Applications.

    The Applications page is displayed.

  2. Select Network Management Platform and select Modify Application Settings from the Actions menu.

    The Modify Application Settings page appears.

  3. Select Junos Space initiates connection to device.
  4. Select Support ww Junos Devices so that Junos Space Network Management Platform can connect to a ww Junos OS device using the wwadapter.

After Junos Space Network Management Platform has discovered the ww Junos OS device through the wwadapter, it manages the device just as it would manage a device that runs the domestic version of Junos OS. For more information about device discovery, refer to Device Discovery Profiles Overview.


The SSH to Device option is disabled for ww Junos OS devices.


If you are not able to discover the WW Junos OS device , make sure that the NMAP utility returns ‘telnet’ as open for port 23 on the device.