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Resynchronizing Nodes in Network Monitoring

You should resynchronize your nodes when the contents of the Node List page in the Network Monitoring workspace do not correspond with the device listed on the Device Management page in the Devices workspace.

In addition, you must resynchronize nodes when you want to update the trap target settings on the devices so that the devices can send traps to Network Monitoring. For more information, see the explanation for the Add SNMP configuration to device for fault monitoring and Disable network monitoring for all devices fields in the Modifying Junos Space Network Management Platform Settings topic.

When you trigger node resynchronization, Junos Space Platform synchronizes the devices and their details with Network Monitoring and pushes the SNMP trap target configuration to the devices so that the devices can send SNMP trap targets to Network Monitoring.

The following are applicable when you resynchronize nodes:

  • If you are in a specific domain when you resynchronize nodes, only the devices that are part of that domain are resynchronized with Network Monitoring.

  • The Resync Nodes job summary displays the information related to synchronization in Network Monitoring and the status of the trap target update.

  • When you resynchronize nodes, Junos Space Platform does not set the SNMP trap target on logical systems (LSYS), unmanaged devices, modeled devices, and devices that are down.

  • If you attempt to resynchronize nodes in a particular domain when a Resync Nodes job is already running in that domain, Junos Space Platform provides a notification that you cannot run another Resync Nodes job until the previous one is completed.

To resynchronize your nodes:

  1. In the Junos Space Network Management Platform UI, select Network Monitoring > Node List > Resync Nodes.

    You are taken to the Resync Nodes page, where a confirmation dialog box is displayed.

  2. Click Confirm.

    The Resync Nodes Job Information dialog box appears.

  3. (Optional) To view details of the resynchronization job, click the hyperlinked job ID displayed in the dialog box.

    You are taken to the Job Management page where you can view the summary information about the Resync Nodes job. Double-click the job to view detailed information about the job.

  4. Click OK in the Resync Nodes Job Information dialog box.

    You are taken to the Node List page. After the Resync Nodes job is completed successfully, the devices in Junos Space Platform are synchronized with Network Monitoring and, if applicable, the device trap targets are updated. The resynchronized nodes are displayed on the Node List page.


    The time taken for the resynchronization of devices from Junos Space Platform to Network Monitoring depends on the number of devices being synchronized.