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Viewing the Configuration Change Log

When Junos Space Network Management Platform is the system of record, users may make out-of-band configuration changes to network devices by manually using the device’s management CLI, but there is no automatic resynchronization with the Junos Space Network Management Platform database.

By viewing the configuration change log, you can see the history and details of all device configuration changes, whether initiated from Junos Space Network Management Platform or not. You can investigate details of the changes that were made, and you can decide to accept or reject the changes. If you accept them, the Junos Space Network Management Platform database is updated to reflect the new configuration. If you reject them, the device’s out-of-band configuration changes are reverted.

Viewing the Configuration Change Log enables you to resolve out of band changes, which are those changes made on the device itself. When the mode in Network Management Platform > Administration > Applications > Modify Application Settings > Device is Space as the System of Record (SSOR), the system tracks both in-band (Space) and out-of-band (non-Space) changes. When the mode in Application Settings is Network as the System of Record (NSOR) (the default), the system tracks only in-band (Space) changes.

To view configuration change log:

  1. On the Junos Space Network Management Platform user interface, select Devices > Device Management. The Device Management page is displayed.
  2. Select the device whose configuration log you want to see.
  3. Select Device Configuration > View Configuration Change Log from the Actions menu. The configuration change log is displayed. Table 1 describes its contents.
    Table 1: Configuration Change Log

    Column Name



    The date and time at which the configuration change was made.


    The user ID of the person who made the change. For an in-band change, this is the Junos Space username; for and out-of-band change, it is the credential used to log into the CLI management interface.

    Configuration Changes

    A link to a View Configuration Change XML window in which the details of the change for this device are shown as XML.

    Change Type

    The type of the change: in band or out of band. Out-of-band changes are further denoted as Outstanding, Accepted, or Rejected.

    Application Name

    The name of the Junos Space application from which the change was requested.

    Commit Comments

    The commit comments included in the system log entry related to committing this change. These may include notes from the user who made the commit, as well as the timestamp and username.