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User Sessions Overview

As a Junos Space User Administrator, you can view and terminate user sessions before starting a maintenance cycle to minimize the risk of system inconsistency. You can view the list of users who are logged in along with the IP address of the client from which they are logged in and the duration of their sessions. You can select one or more users to terminate their sessions.

To view the sessions of the users who are currently logged in to Junos Space Platform, on the Junos Space Network Management Platform user interface, select Role Based Access Control > User Sessions.

Table 1 describes the column names on the User Sessions page that lists user sessions that are currently active on Junos Space Platform.

Table 1: User Sessions Page

Column Name


User Name

Name of the user

Current Domain

Domain with which the user is associated

IP Address

IP address of the system from which the user has logged in

Fabric Node Name

Name of the node in the Junos Space fabric that is currently handling the user session

Session Start Time

Date and time at which the user session was initiated

Session Duration

Duration of the user session


If the node on which the user is currently logged in goes down, the name of the currently active node is displayed in the Fabric Node Name column after the switchover to the active node.