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Changing Your Password on Junos Space

After you log in to Junos Space Network Management Platform, you can change your password using the User Settings icon on the Junos Space banner. You do not require any particular Junos Space role to change your password. After a password change, you are logged out of the application. You must login again with the new password. If you use REST API to change the password, you must use Basic Auth to change the password, instead of using session ID or cookies.

Starting with Junos Space Platform Release 12.1, Junos Space has implemented a default standard for passwords that is compliant with the industry standard for security.

  • When you upgrade to Junos Space Platform Release 12.1 or later, the default standard takes effect immediately. All local users receive password expiration messages the first time they log in to Junos Space after the update.

  • You need to have set your local password to be able to change it. If you do not have a local password set, you will not be able to set or change it.

  • You can use the User Settings icon to change only your local password. The change does not affect any passwords that an administrator might have configured for you on a remote authentication server.

To change your local password:

  1. On the Junos Space Platform UI, click the User Settings icon on the right side of the Junos Space banner.

    The Change User Settings dialog box appears.

  2. In the Old Password text box, enter your old password.

    Mouse over the information icon (small blue i) next to the New Password text box to view the rules for password creation. For more information about the password rules, see Modifying Junos Space Network Management Platform Settings.

  3. In the New Password text box, enter your new password.

    Using a comma "," in the password is not allowed.

  4. In the Confirm Password text box, enter your new password again to confirm it.

    The fields on the X.509 Certificate tab are applicable when you want to use certificate-based authentication. If you are using password-based authentication, you can ignore these fields. For more information about certificate-based authentication, see the Certificate Management Overview topic in the Junos Space Network Management Platform Workspaces Feature Guide.

  5. (Optional) Select the Manage objects from all assigned domains check box on the Object Visibility tab to view and manage objects from all the domains that you are assigned to.
  6. Click OK.

    You are logged out of the system. To log in to Junos Space again, you must use your new password. Other sessions logged in with the same username are unaffected until the next login.