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Importing Device Images to Junos Space

Before you can manage a device image using Junos Space Network Management Platform, you must first download the device image from the Juniper Networks Support webpage. You can download device images from To make the downloaded device image available in Junos Space Platform, save the file to your computer and then import it into Junos Space Platform.


You can import satellite software packages and Junos Continuity software packages to Junos Space Platform by following the procedure for importing device images.

To import device images to Junos Space Platform:

  1. On the Junos Space Platform UI, select Images and Scripts > Images.

    The Images page appears.

  2. Click the Import Image icon.

    The Import Images dialog box appears.

  3. Click Browse.

    The File Upload dialog box displays the directories and folders on your local file system.

  4. Navigate to the device image file that you want to import and click Open.
  5. Click Upload in the Import Images dialog box.

    A pop up window appears which shows the progress of the job, which is then followed by another pop up window with hyperlink to the Job ID.

    You can click on the Job ID in the pop window to get more details on the status of the particular job. You can also navigate to Jobs>Job Management to verify the status of the jobs.

    The Job ID contains details like name, percent, state, job type, summary, scheduled start and so on.

    The time taken to import the file depends on the size of the device image file and the connection speed between your computer and the Junos Space Platform server. After the file is imported to the Junos Space server, it is listed on the Images page. You can now stage and deploy the device image on one or more devices.