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Troubleshooting the Not Able to Log In from the Junos Space Login Page Issue



You cannot login to Junos Space Network Management Platform from the Junos Space login page. The login page displays a message stating the possible cause of the issue.


You may not be able to log in from the Junos Space login page for one of the following reasons:

  • You entered an incorrect username, password, or both.

    The following message is displayed on the login page: The username or password is incorrect

  • Your account is locked because you exceeded the maximum number of login attempts

    The following message is displayed on the login page: The account is Locked. You can’t Log in


    By default, your account is locked out after four unsuccessful login attempts.


  • If you have entered incorrect login credentials, verify and enter the correct login credentials.

  • If your account is locked

    1. Try logging in from another system.

    2. Contact the administrator to unlock your user account.


    Your user account is automatically unlocked in 24 hours.