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High Availability Characteristics of Junos Space Appliances

Junos Space Appliances (JA2500) incorporate the following fault tolerance features that prevent or minimize their downtime and contribute significantly to the availability of the overall cluster:

  • Hot-swappable hard disk drives managed by a RAID controller

    • The hot‐swappable hard drives on Junos Space appliances are externally accessible in field‐replaceable trays, providing component high availability. You can remove and replace a hard disk without powering off the appliance or disrupting any functions performed by the appliance.

    • The RAID controller manages the hard disk drives and presents them as logical units.

  • Option to install a redundant power supply module—Junos Space Appliances are shipped with a single AC power supply. However, you can install an additional power supply module that serves as a redundant power supply if one power supply module fails. If you install a second power supply module, ensure that you plug in each power supply module into a separate power circuit.

    When an appliance has an additional redundant, functioning power supply module that is plugged into a separate power circuit, the power supply modules are hot-swappable.

  • Two cooling fans—Two externally accessible and hot-swappable cooling fans provide the required airflow and cooling for the appliance.

For detailed information about Junos Space Appliances, refer to the Hardware Documentation section of the Junos Space and Applications page.