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Accessing the Chassis View from the Physical Inventory Page

The Dashboard page is the landing page that is displayed when you login to the Connectivity Services Director application. You can view all the available devices that are managed by Connectivity Services Director from the Device Inventory page. The Device Inventory page is accessible in Device View of Build mode as the default landing page. Alternatively, select View Inventory in the task pane to open the Device Inventory page. Based on your selection of routers, the Device Inventory page displays device details.

The Device Inventory page varies based on your selection in the View pane. When you select a node in the View pane, the inventory of all devices that are included under that node is displayed.

For example:

  • Device View and My Network is selected: Displays all the devices that are managed by Connectivity Services Director.

You can view the physical inventory of all the devices in your network in the Device Physical Inventory page. The Device Physical Inventory page displays information about the slots that are available for a device and provides information about power supplies, chassis cards, fans, part numbers, and so on. Connectivity Services Director displays hardware inventory by device name, based on data retrieved both from the device during discovery and resynchronizing operations, and from the data stored in the hardware catalog. For each managed device, the physical inventory page provides descriptions for field replaceable units (FRUs), part numbers, model numbers, and the pluggable locations from which empty slots are determined.

To view a pictorial representation of a device chassis and the configured components, such as interfaces, line cards, and hardware elements, select a managed device listed in the My Network tree in Device View of Build mode of the Connectivity Services Director GUI, and select Device Management > View Physical Inventory from the tasks pane.

The following are the different device types in the device families that are supported in Chassis view:

  • MX Series routers—MX5, MX10, MX40, MX240, MX480, MX960, MX2010, MX2020, MX80, MX80-P, MX80-T, MX80-48-T, MX150, MX204, MX10003

  • ACX Series routers—ACX1000, ACX1100, ACX2000, ACX2100, ACX2200, ACX4000, ACX500-DC, ACX500-O, ACX500-O-POE, ACX5048, ACX5096, ACX5448

  • PTX Series routers—PTX3000, PTX5000, PTX1000