Enabling Recording for IS-IS

This section describes how to enable recording for a single IS-IS domain. Note that configuration for OSPF is very similar. Instructions for using advanced features of IGP protocol recording, such as IS-IS or OSPF authentication, can be found in the “Configuration and Management” section of the Virtual Route Explorer Administrator’s Guide.

  1. Click on the name of the administrative domain added above.
  2. Move the cursor to Add and select ISIS.
  3. From the Not Active list, select the interface to use for recording IS-IS.
  4. Click the button with a left-pointing arrow (<) to make the interface active.
  5. Click Save to save all the changes.
  6. Click Start Recording to begin IS-IS recording.

    Figure 1 shows adding the protocol. Figure 2 shows recording IS-IS. Figure 3 shows reviewing established adjacency.

    Figure 1: Adding the Protocol

    Adding the Protocol

    Figure 2: Recording IS-IS

    Recording IS-IS

    Figure 3: Reviewing Established Adjacency

    Reviewing Established Adjacency