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    Adding Remote Devices to the Redirect Tool

    Before you add new remote devices in the Redirect Tool:

    1. Install Network Activator on the central and regional servers.
    2. Set up new devices and regional (activation) servers in Network Activator.
    3. Add images to Network Activator.
    4. Set up forwarding of notifications to the management server.
    5. Add one or more regional servers to the Redirect Tool.
    6. (Optional) If you want to use a file that specifies a list of devices associated with one regional server, create a comma-separated values (CSV) file that contains only the serial numbers of the devices, separated by commas.

      For example:

      serial-number-1, serial-number-2, serial-number-3

      If you create the file with a spreadsheet, enter only the serial numbers of the devices in one column.

    Caution: You must add a remote device and assign a regional server to it in the Redirect Tool before an end user powers on the remote device for initial provisioning. Otherwise, initial provisioning of the remote device fails.

    To add devices:

    1. Click Add Device.

      The Add Devices window appears.

    2. Specify the serial numbers of the devices:
      • To add devices from a CSV file.
        1. Click Load CSV File.
        2. Select the CSV file that you created.

          The devices appear in the list of Devices Added in the Add Devices window.

      • To add devices through the GUI:
        1. In the Serial Number field, specify the serial numbers, separated by commas, of the devices.
        2. Click Add Device.

          The devices appear in the list of Devices Added in the Add Devices window.

    3. Click NEXT.

      The window updates to show list of active devices and available regional servers.

    4. Select the check box of the server that provides configuration data for these devices.

      You can specify part or all of the server name in the search utility to quickly find a server in the list.

    5. Click DONE.

    Modified: 2016-10-19