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    Installing Network Activator Only on Regional Servers

    If you add a new regional to your network, you must install Network Activator on that server. You perform this installation process from the central server.

    Before you install Network Activator on a regional server:

    1. Create a VM on the regional server with the resources specified in Software Requirements for Network Activator and VM Requirements for Network Activator.
    2. Configure NTP on the regional server.
    3. Configure the firewall rules specified inFirewall Rules for VMs on Regional Activation Server for the VM on the regional server.
    4. On the VM, configure DNS and connectivity to the Internet.
    5. From the VM, verify that you can ping the IP addresses and hostnames of the physical servers, including the management server.

    To install Network Activator on the regional server:

    1. Log in to the Network Activator VM on the central server as root.

      The current directory is the home directory.

    2. Access the directory that contains the installer files.
      root@host:~/# cd cas
    3. From the same directory, install Network Activator on the regional server.
      root@host:~/cas/# ./ regional

      The installation begins on the regional server and you see status messages about the installation.

    4. Follow the instructions on the screen to provider information about the regional server.

      A status message indicates that the installation process is complete. The process also creates one X.509 certificate for the regional server in the /etc/pki/tls/certs directory. The name of the certificate has the format:


    5. (Optional) After the installation is complete, view the log files for the installation, and look for error messages that indicate any issues.

      For example:

      root@host:~/cas/# cd regions
      root@host:~/cas/regions# ls
      region-one   region-two   region-three
      root@host:~/cas/regions/# cd region-one
      root@host:~/cas/regions/region-one# tailf config_box.log

    After the installation is complete, you next perform the setup procedures, then add the regional server to the Redirect Tool.

    Modified: 2016-10-19