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    Specifying Information About a Remote Device

    You use the Device Management Service API on the central server to add information about each device that Network Activator initially provisions. Specify information for devices when you:

    • First set up Network Activator.
    • Deliver a new device to an end user.

    This procedure uses the following Device Management Service API:

    Table 1 shows the fields that you must specify for this procedure.

    Table 1: Required Fields for Specifying Information About a Device to Network Activator





    Name of the network region in which the device resides.


    device_info: name

    Hostname of device


    device_info: activation_info: booting_uuid

    UUID of Image, which the Image Management Service API returns when you upload the image.


    device_info: activation_info: activation_code_enabled

    Requirement for password authentication:

    • True—device must submit a password (equal to the activation code) for each request it makes to the regional server.
    • False—regional server does not require device to use a password when it sends requests.


    device_info: activation_info: activation_code

    Generated password that device must submit for authentication when it sends requests to the regional server. If this field is empty, and you set the activation_code_enabled field to True, the API call returns an activation code that you must give to the end user.


    device_info: activation_info: serial

    Serial number of the device, which can be found on its hardware label.


    device_info: activation_info: family

    Product family associated with the image.


    device_info: activation_info: vendor

    Name of vendor for the image.


    device_info: activation_info: stageone_config: concrete_type: concrete_config

    Description of initial configuration in XML format.

    <device default configuration/>

    To add a device:

    • On the central server, issue a REST call to add a device.

      The API returns a message indicating whether the operation was successful.
      For example:

      user@host:~$ curl -k -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d '{"input":{"region":"regionOne",
      "srx","vendor":"juniper","stageone_config":{"config_type":{"concrete_type":{"concrete_config":"<device default configuration/>"}}}}]}}'
      {"output": {"device_ids": [{"fqname": ["default-domain", "default-project", "device-4"], "reason": null, "response": "SUCCESS"}]}}

    Caution: When you have completed the setup tasks, you must also add the device to the Redirect tool and assign a regional server to it. Otherwise, initial provisioning of the remote device fails.

    Modified: 2016-10-19