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Known Issues

This section lists known issues for Network Service Activator Release 1.0.

  • When you add a new regional activation server after the initial setup process, the new regional activation server does not detect the image file.

    Workaround: Use the following procedure to add a regional activation server after initial setup:

    1. Delete the existing image in Network Service Activator on the central activation server.
    2. Add the new regional activation server.
    3. Upload the image to Network Service Activator on the central activation server. CXU-803
  • When you specify information about a device in Network Service Activator on the central activation server, the application creates the following default objects:
    • default-domain
    • default-project
    • default-device

    Caution: Do not delete these objects. Doing so may prevent the remote device from obtaining information for initial provisioning.


  • You cannot delete a regional activation server that you created for Network Service Activator using the regional command. CXU-838
  • Network Service Activator does not support HTTP links for URLs that Network Service Activator APIs return in response to a REST call. A firewall rule on the VMs for the activation servers prevents incoming traffic on port 80.

    Workaround: When you make a new REST call, use the prefix https rather than http. The REST call then returns URLs with the prefix https. CXU-841

Modified: 2016-04-13