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Features Supported in This Release

  • Distributed architecture for efficient provisioning of NFX250 platforms—Network Service Activator uses a distributed architecture to enable fast initial provisioning of NFX250 platforms. You install and configure Network Service Activator on a central activation server, which resides at your central administrative location. From this central activation server, you install and configure Network Service Activator on regional activation servers, which reside in an administrative location that is geographically close to the NFX250 platform.
  • Authentication and authorization of requests for initial provisioning—We host a Redirect Tool at the Juniper Networks website to provide authentication and authorization of requests for initial provisioning from NFX250 platforms. You enter information about the remote devices and their assigned regional activation servers in the Redirect Tool. The Redirect Tool provides authentication and authorization for remote through use of ITU-T X.509 private key infrastructure (PKI) digital certificates.
  • Restful APIs for interacting with Network Service Activator—Network Service Activator includes the following APIs for managing NFX250 platforms:
    • Activation Service Management API
    • Device Management Service API
    • Image Management Service API
    • Keystone Authentication Server API

Modified: 2016-04-13