Table of Contents

Overview of Network Director
The Network Director Network Management Life Cycle Model
A Quick Tour of the Network Director User Interface
Network Director Banner
View Pane
Tasks Pane
Provisioning and Managing Devices in Build Mode
Discovering Your Network Devices
Provisioning Devices
Importing RingMaster Data to Network Director
Importing Existing Device Configuration
Managing Devices
Deploying and Managing Changes to Devices in Deploy Mode
Deploying Configuration Changes on Devices
Managing and Installing Software Images
Resynchronizing Device Configurations
Managing Device Configurations
Monitoring Your Network in Monitor Mode
The Monitoring Categories
Monitors—Information At-a-Glance
Summary Tab—Dashboard for Selected Scope
Trend Graphs—Spotting Trends over Time
Detailed Views and Tasks—Obtaining More Information
Managing Network Faults and Notifications in Fault Mode
Alarm Monitors—Alarm Status At-a-Glance
Alarm Detailed View—Managing Individual Alarms
Alarms Pane—Available in Every Mode and Scope
Generating Network Reports in Report Mode
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