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    Using the Virtual Machines Tab

    To access virtual machines after you have started a topology, select Topologies > Access Active Topologies. In the Details section, click the Virtual Machines tab. This tab enables you to:

    • View the active virtual machines.
    • Obtain the IP or console address of a virtual machine.
    • Reset or rebuild a virtual machine.

    To reset or rebuild a virtual machine:

    1. Click the check boxes of the virtual machines you want to change in the Virtual Machines tab.
    2. Click the appropriate button to reset or rebuild the virtual machine.

    Reset is the functional equivalent of turning the power off or on for the device. The device will restart as if the system was rebooted, but the contents of the virtual machine’s virtual disk are retained.

    Rebuild restores the original disk image and returns the selected virtual machine to the state it was in when it was first started. Rebuild eliminates any changes to the contents of the virtual machine’s virtual disk and restarts the virtual machine with the original disk. The rebuild pertains only to the restoration of the original disk image.

    Published: 2013-08-15