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    Saving Changes to a Topology

    An interface ge-0/0/0 configuration is added to each .conf configuration file when the topology is started. Remove the interface ge-0/0/0 configuration from the configuration file to avoid having duplicate IP addresses.

    To save your Junos OS .conf configuration changes:

    1. Use the commit command in Junos OS while the topology is running to save changes to a configuration file.
    2. Wait 5 minutes to ensure that the commit command is fully executed in all of the router databases.
    3. Click Save or Save As to store the configuration information of all of the routers in the topology to Junosphere.
    4. Select Topologies>Manage Topologies.
    5. Select your topology and click Download topology in the upper left corner of the Topologies section to download the zipped topology file set from Junosphere to your local PC.
    6. Unzip the zip file. This results in a topology.vmm file and a directory with one or more .conf files in it.
    7. Edit each .conf file, removing the interface ge-0/0/0 configuration.
    8. Save the .conf files.
    9. Zip the topology.vmm file and the directory with the .conf files to form a .zip file.

      The next time you upload the .zip file and start the topology, the new configuration is implemented.

    Published: 2013-08-15