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    Joining an Active Topology

    Once a topology is active, you must join it to reach the virtual network you built in the cloud. You connect your host to the topology by creating a Network Connect secure sockets layer (SSL) virtual private network (VPN) connection from your host to the topology you started. Network Connect works best without web proxies, but works fine with a static proxy configuration. It will not work, however, if the browser is configured with a PAC (proxy auto-configuration) file.

    Note: You cannot run two simultaneous instances of Network Connect. If you already have one instance of Network Connect running for a corporate VPN, you must stop it before you begin another instance.

    To join an active topology:

    1. Make sure that pop-ups are enabled on your web browser.
    2. Select Topologies > Access Active Topologies. A graphical representation of the active topology appears, as shown in Figure 1.

      Figure 1: Joining a Topology

      Joining a Topology
    3. Click Join to display the Junosphere Access Portal page, as shown in Figure 2.

      Note: After you click Join, a message might appear indicating that you do not have the correct Java plug-in. Follow the instructions in the displayed dialog box to install the correct plug-in.

      Figure 2: Junosphere Access Portal

      Junosphere Access Portal
    4. Log in using the login ID and password e-mailed to you by your bank administrator. This is the same username and password as your Junosphere login.

      The Network Connect page appears, as shown in Figure 3.

      Figure 3: Network Connect

      Network Connect
    5. Click Start to create a Secure Access SSL VPN to the internal management Ethernet of the topology.

      You can then use a program such as telnet, SSH, or VNC to connect to the virtual machines in the cloud.

    Note: A user may need to manually disconnect (sign out) from Network Connect in the following situations:

    • The user leaves the topology, but the Network Connect session is still showing as connected and the user never receives a session time-out message.
    • The user stops the topology, but the Network Connect session is still showing as connected.
    • The user joins a topology, then tries to join another topology. If the Network Connect session did not end before the user tries to log in to the Junosphere Access Portal for the second topology, then the user must sign out manually from the first Network Connect session.

    Note: All sandbox users can join an active topology. Multiple users using an active topology do not consume more capacity than one user since users are all sharing the same virtual machine units. A maximum of 25 simultaneous users can join a topology via secure access.

    Published: 2013-08-15