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    Managing Reservations

    Since Junosphere is a cloud resource of virtual devices, before you can activate a topology the system needs to make sure it has enough resources to run the topology. A reservation ensures that those resources are ready and waiting for you.

    Unlike regular capacity, an annual plan provides dedicated capacity for a full year that is accessible only by the customer who ordered it. Therefore, if there is sufficient capacity under an annual plan, no reservation is required to activate a topology, nor will one be created. If, however, the amount of capacity available to a sandbox under an annual plan is insufficient to start a topology, a reservation for regular capacity is required to cover the capacity shortfall.

    The Reservation Management permission allows you to reserve one or more days for using a specified number of virtual machine units. You can also reserve capacity for Junosphere Connector. Junosphere Connector is optional and is used to connect the Junosphere virtual network to a physical network. You can make multiple reservations for a sandbox.

    To be available for reservations, a sandbox must have capacity applied to it by the bank administrator. Users cannot assign additional capacity to sandboxes; only bank administrators can do that.

    You can view reservations by going to Topologies > Manage Reservations in the navigation tree, as shown in Figure 1.

    • Reservations in blue are pending reservations.
    • Reservations in red are expired reservations.
    • Reservations in green are currently active.

    Note: Users can select only reservations in sandboxes where they have Reservation Management permission and the reservation is in the pending state.

    The reservations on this page show the start time, the number of VM units and connectors that have been assigned to this sandbox, and the number of days for which the reservation has been made.

    Figure 1: Manage Reservations window

    Manage Reservations window

    To manage reservations:

    1. From the navigation tree, select Topologies > Manage Reservations.
    2. Click the green plus sign icon (+) in the upper left part of the window. The Create Reservations dialog box appears (Figure 2).

      Figure 2: Adding a Reservation

      Adding a Reservation
    3. Select a bank from the Bank drop-down list box.
    4. Select the sandbox(es) in which you want the reservation created. Use the right or left arrow keys to move the sandboxes you want from the Available list box into the Selected list box on the right.
    5. Use the up and down arrow keys to enter the number of virtual machine (VM) units, number of connectors, and the number of days for the reservation.

      Note: If you do not need to connect your Junosphere topology to a physical network, enter zero for the number of connectors.

    6. Set the starting date and time. Select Now or use the date and time drop-down menus to select a date and time in the future. The time zone that appears in the menu is the time zone set in the operating system of your host.
    7. Enter a description of the reservation (optional).

      Note: You can create a reservation that has 0 VM units, but has one or more connectors.

    8. If desired, click or unclick the Remind users when reservation starts/ends check box.

      Note: If you leave this check box checked (default) and the reservation start time is at least 24 hours away, you will receive an e-mail 24 hours before the reservation is scheduled to start.

      You will also receive a reminder e-mail two hours before the reservation is scheduled to expire.

    9. Click or unclick the Auto-save topology when reservation ends check box.
    10. Click Create to make the reservation.

      Note: When you reserve virtual machines, include the number of CentOS images and third-party applications that will be virtual machines. A maximum of 25 simultaneous users can join a topology via secure access.

    To cancel a reservation, select the reservation you want to cancel and click the red minus sign.

    Note: You can cancel a reservation up to one hour before the start time without penalty. Within an hour of start time, you cannot cancel the reservation, even though you might see a dialog box with the option to cancel.

    At the end of your reservation time slot, Junosphere shuts down the active topology and frees up virtual machine resources.

    To modify a reservation, cancel the existing reservation and set up a new one. If a reservation is active, you can increase the number of virtual machines or add a connector by adding an overlapping reservation for the same time period.

    Published: 2013-08-15