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    Running the Junosphere Connector in Windows

    Before you can run Junosphere Connector, you must have an existing reservation for a topology or an annual plan of at least 50 virtual machine (VM) units (which provides unlimited connectors) and you must start and join a topology. To run the Junosphere Connector in Windows:

    1. Double-click the VMware Player icon (Figure 1) to launch VMware Player.

      Figure 1: VMware Player Icon

      VMware Player Icon

      The VMware Player dialog box appears.

      Figure 2: VMware Player Dialog Box

      VMware Player Dialog Box
    2. In the VMware Player dialog box (Figure 2), select Player > File > Open. The following dialog box appears.

      Figure 3: Opening the Connector

      Opening the Connector
    3. Select connector-1201 and click Open. The VMware Player interface should look like Figure 4.

      Figure 4: Configuring the Connector

      Configuring the Connector
    4. Click Play virtual machine to power on the connector.
    5. Open a command prompt and log in using hconnect as the username and password, as shown in Figure 5.

      Figure 5: Command Prompt with Connector Credentials

      Command Prompt with Connector
    6. In the command prompt, type hconnect –u hconnect –server –b private0.

      Figure 6: Command Prompt with hconnector Credentials

      Command Prompt with hconnector

      Note: Copy and paste the command from the Junosphere Connector View window or type /vmm/bin/hconnect –u hconnect -b privateX –s (where privateX is the name of your bridge) and press Enter.

    At this point, the virtual topology should be communicating with the physical device.

    In Junosphere, the Connectors tab should resemble the following figure, with the Active column of private0 showing a check mark to indicate that it is active.

    Figure 7: Active Column

    Active Column

    Warning: To prevent IP address conflicts between your physical lab and your Junosphere topology, make sure you configure the IP address of your Junosphere VMs before you launch the Junosphere Connector.

    Published: 2013-08-15