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    Installing the VMware Player

    This section describes the procedure for installing the VMware Player and configuring it to run the Junosphere Connector.

    To install and run the Junosphere Connector, you must have admin privileges in Windows or be logged in as root in Linux.

    1. Download the VMware Player.
    2. Follow the prompts on the screen to install the VMware Player.
    3. Double-click the VMware Player icon (Figure 1) to launch VMware Player.

      Figure 1: VMware Player Icon

      VMware Player Icon

      The VMware Player dialog box appears.

      Figure 2: VMware Player Dialog Box

      VMware Player Dialog Box
    4. In the VMware Player dialog box (Figure 2), select Player > File > Open. The following dialog box appears.

      Figure 3: Opening the Connector

      Opening the Connector
    5. Select connector-1201 and click Open. The VMware Player interface should look like Figure 4.

      Figure 4: Configuring the Connector

      Configuring the Connector
    6. Click Edit virtual machine settings. The Virtual Machine Settings dialog box appears.

      Figure 5: Virtual Machine Settings Dialog Box

      Virtual Machine Settings
Dialog Box
    7. Set the first Network Adapter to NAT.
    8. Set the second Network Adapter to Bridged: Connect directly to the physical device. The dialog box should resemble Figure 6.

      Figure 6: Network Adapter Set to Bridge

      Network Adapter
Set to Bridge
    9. Click Configure Adapters. A dialog box similar to the following appears, listing the adapters that are available to your machine.
    10. Select the adapter that you want to bridge and click OK.
    11. Click OK in the VMware Virtual Machine Settings dialog box. The dialog box shown in Figure 4 appears again.

    Published: 2013-08-15