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    Creating a Sandbox

    A sandbox is a work area within a bank that contains capacity (virtual machine units), as well as the users assigned to that sandbox. Each sandbox contains one or more libraries, which is where you store and access topology file sets.

    A sandbox is also a collection of users who work together on a topology. A single user can be part of any number of sandboxes in any number of banks and can have different privileges in each sandbox. Multiple topologies can be started by the same user in different sandboxes. The only restrictions are that a user can join only one topology at a time and only one topology can be active at a time in a sandbox. As a bank administrator, you can create a sandbox, add capacity to a sandbox, and assign users to a sandbox. You can also assign permissions to users of the sandboxes. To learn more about permissions, go to Assigning Permissions.

    To create a sandbox:

    1. From the navigation tree, select Administration > Manage Banks / Sandboxes / Libraries.
    2. In the Sandboxes section, click the plus sign (+) in the upper left corner. The Create Sandbox dialog box appears.

      Figure 1: Sandboxes Section

      Sandboxes Section
    3. In the Create Sandbox dialog box, select a bank, enter a name for the sandbox, and select the type (classroom, developer, or lab). You can optionally add a description for the sandbox.
    4. Click Create.

    Published: 2013-08-15