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    Using the ipaddr Interface Option

    Use the ipaddr option to assign an IP address to an interface from the topology.vmm file. Use this option with care, because while you can use your existing hostnames and IP addresses in the Junosphere topology models, and while Junosphere is architected based on secure virtual private network (VPN) paradigms, we recommend that you use alternative names and addresses in your topology files for additional security.

    The following example shows the ipaddr interface option:

    interface “emx” { bridge "<private#>"; ipaddr "aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd"; }; 
    • The ipaddr function should not be used if a full router configuration is being loaded from the library.
      • A VMM ipaddr-assigned address will override an IP address contained in a Junos OS router configuration.
    • The ipaddr function in VMM can be used for the quick creation of configured and addressed interfaces.
    • By default, a /20 subnet mask will be applied to the interface; this cannot be changed.
    • Take care to ensure that the assigned address of interface X is not in the same subnet as an address assigned to interface Y, otherwise the configuration will be rejected when the VJX virtual machine boots up. In the example below, R0 has two interfaces that are being configured with family inet addresses. The addresses ( and do not reside in the same subnet when the /20 subnet mask is applied.

    In the example below, R0 has two interfaces that are being configured with family inet addresses:

    vm "vrouter001" {
    	hostname "vrouter001" ;
       interface "em0" { EXTERNAL;};
       interface “em1” { bridge "private0"; ipaddr ""; };
       interface "em2" { bridge "private2"; ipaddr ""; };

    For CentOS VM users, this code should look like the following example:

    vm "centos" {
       hostname "centos" ;
       interface "em0" { EXTERNAL; };

    Published: 2013-08-15