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    Understanding Permissions

    The bank administrator can assign one or more of the following roles to you:

    • Topology Management (start or stop topologies)

      Because there can be only one active topology at a time in a sandbox, the bank administrator might want to restrict the number of users who can start and stop a topology.

      In a classroom situation, the instructor might be the only one assigned to start or stop a topology. Students can then join an active topology.

      Note: All users of a sandbox can join an active topology. Multiple users using an active topology do not consume more capacity than one user since they are all sharing the virtual machine units.

    • Library Management (create new libraries)

      Provides the ability to create, update, and delete a library within the sandbox for topology organization.

      Only users with Library Management permissions can edit topologies within a library. This includes editing metadata about the topology (such as the topology description, or whether the topology is downloadable or saveable) or editing the topology itself. All users, however, can download topologies (provided the topology is marked downloadable by the creator of the topology).

    • Reservation Management (reserve time and capacity)

      Allows users to reserve a time period to use a specified number of virtual machine units (capacity). A sandbox must have a reservation in order to activate a topology. Since Junosphere is a cloud resource of virtual devices, by reserving your time, you know that those resources are ready and waiting for you. Once your reservation starts, your sandbox capacity is decreased.

    Published: 2013-08-15