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    Understanding Banks

    A bank is a repository of virtual machine capacity that you have purchased from Juniper. Capacity is acquired either as a fixed number of VM units for a full year (annual plan) or as an as-needed, reservation-based plan (regular capacity). Virtual machine capacity is measured in VM units, where one VM unit means the capacity to use one basic VM for one day (24 hours). A bank can have one or more users as administrators of the bank. To use the features of Junosphere, you work within a sandbox, which is a work area for holding capacity. It contains libraries of topology files and can have users associated with it (see Figure 1). A bank contains one or more sandboxes. A sandbox is a work area that holds capacity, the users assigned to that sandbox, and libraries of topology files, as shown in Figure 1. The bank administrator assigns the capacity purchased for the bank to the sandboxes.

    The bank administrator assigns users to the sandboxes. Every bank has a Customer Support Serial Number that you need if you contact Juniper Networks for any Junosphere-related support. This number can be found in the Bank section of the Administration > Manage Banks/Sandboxes/Libraries window in the Serial Number column.

    The expiration date of each bank is displayed in the Bank section of the Administration > Manage Banks / Sandboxes / Libraries window in the Expiration Date/Time column.

    A sandbox is a work area holding capacity and the users assigned to use topology files that are stored in libraries in the sandboxes, as shown in Figure 1. Each sandbox can be operated independently to emulate different networks.

    The bank administrator assigns the capacity purchased for the bank to the sandboxes and assigns users to the sandboxes and gives them permissions.

    The libraries hold one or more topology file sets that create virtual networks. A topology file set is made up of a topology file, one optional configuration file for each Junos OS device described in the topology file, and optional information files that contain diagrams or generic instructions for using the topologies (these files can be PDFs, PPTs, TXTs, or any other file type).

    Figure 1: Components of a Bank

    Components of a Bank

    You have access only to the banks that have been created for you. When bank administrators purchase Junosphere capacity, they specify the bank name. As a bank administrator, you can assign other users to the role of a bank administrator. For more information on how to create a new bank administrator, see Creating a Bank Administrator.

    Published: 2013-08-15