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Synchronizing Third-Party Devices with the OSS for Cross Provisioning Platform


The Cross Provisioning Platform (CPP) application enables you to synchronize newly added third-party devices added to the CPP system with the Operations Support System (OSS) of the third party.

You can set a synchronization job to run daily at a specified scheduled time (default 5:00 AM). The job synchronizes the following data with the CPP system:

  • The job synchronizes newly added third-party devices.

  • The job synchronizes ports newly added or deleted from existing devices.

  • Third-party devices are deleted from the CPP system if the device is no longer associated with an active service that was created in CPP.

To set the time at which you want the synchronization job to run:

  1. In the Network Management Platform task pane, select Administration > Applications.
  2. In the Applications window, select Network Activate.
  3. From the Actions menu, select Modify Application Settings.
  4. In the Modify Application Settings window, select OSSConfigParameters.

    The HTTP Connection Timeout parameter is measured in milliseconds.

  5. In the Synchronize OSS Inventory daily at given time field of the OSSConfigParameters panel, set the time at which you want the synchronization job to run.Note

    The time at which the synchronization job runs is associated with the location of the browser in which you are using the Junos Space software. That is, the synchronization job runs according to the browser time where the job is scheduled, not according to the time where the Junos Space server is located.

You can also manage synchronization operations from the Cross Provisioning Platform application. To synchronize devices:

  1. In the Cross Provisioning Platform task pane, select CPP > Third-Party Devices.

    The Third-Party Devices window appears.

  2. Select a synchronize operation.

    The Third-Party Devices window displays four icons in the command bar, which enable you to run the following synchronization operations:

    • Synchronize all the devices with OSS—This operation discovers new devices and synchronizes old devices with OSS.

    • Synchronize selected device with OSS—This operation synchronizes only the selected devices with the OSS.

    • Schedule OSS synchronization job—This operation schedules daily synchronization.

    • Cancel OSS synchronization job—This cancels the daily synchronization job.

  3. In Vendor, select the vendor type.
  4. Click OK.