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Decommissioning a Service


You can decommission a service that a customer no longer needs.

You cannot decommission a service if a service order requesting action on that service is in the Requested, Scheduled, In Progress, or Invalid state.

To decommission a service:

  1. In the Network Activate task pane, select Service Provisioning > Manage Services.
  2. In the Manage Services page, select the service you want to decommission.
  3. Open the Actions menu and click Decommission Service.

    The Schedule Decommission window appears.

  4. Do one of the following:
    • To decommission the service immediately, select Decommission now, and click OK.

      In the Order Information window, click the job ID of the decommission job.

      The Job Management page appears and shows a filtered view of the job inventory, showing only the decommission job. See Viewing Jobs in the Junos Space Network Application Platform User Guide for details.

    • To deploy the service at a later time, select Decommission later, select a date and time to perform the operation, then click OK.


    The following error message is displayed if you decommission a service that has more number of devices or endpoints than the specified limit:

    Decommission of service cannot be performed due to more number of devices or endpoints. Please modify the service and remove few devices or endpoints before decommissioning the whole service. (Maximum of 100 devices or 250 endpoints are only allowed)

If you decommission a service and the device confirms the deletion, the resources associated with the service are immediately released and are available for reuse without waiting for the device synchronization. If you want the synchronization to happen before the resources are released, you need to configure the decommissioning settings.

To configure the service decommissioning settings:

  1. Select Network Management Platform > Administration > Applications. The Applications page displays the list of applications.
  2. Right-click the Network Activate row and select Modify Applications Settings. The Modify Network Activate Settings page displays the list of parameters that can be modified.
  3. Select ServiceDecommission.
  4. Specify values for the parameters in the Service Decommission page as described in the following tables.



    Wait for Device Sync Before Releasing Resource

    Select this check box to wait for the device synchronization before resources are released. To revert the decommissioning to the normal behavior clear this check box.

    Device sync wait time

    Specify the device synchronization waiting time. This is the maximum wait time to complete the device synchronization. After this time duration, irrespective of the device synchronization status, the resources are released.

    Default: 60 seconds

    Range: 30 seconds to 300 seconds

  5. Click Modify.

The service decommissioning settings are configured.

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