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Application Firewall Policies Main Page Fields


Use the application firewall policies main page to get an overall, high-level view of your application firewall policy settings. You can filter and sort this information to get a better understanding of what you want to configure. Table 1describes the fields on this page.

Table 1: Application Firewall Policies Main Page Fields




Name of the application firewall policy; maximum length is 63 characters.

Default Action

Action taken for any traffic that matches one of the specified applications. For example: Reject, Permit, Deny.


The match criteria, including dynamic applications, and the action to be taken for matching traffic.

Block Message Type

The type and content in a block message profile defined in the rule set. For example: Text, URL.

Block Message/Redirect URL

Either a text explanation to the client or a URL redirect of the client to an informative webpage. Occurs when traffic is blocked by a reject action or a deny action from an application firewall.


Domain name of the security device. This information is autopopulated once you select the device. For example: global, system.


Description of the application firewall policy.